Wisconsin DATCP Technical Standard 01 Verification of Depth to Bedrock is available for review and comment until June 22, 2020.  More information on this team and the process is available via the following link:  https://socwisconsin.org/current-work/full-process/01-verification-of-land-features/



The Wisconsin DATCP Technical Standard 01 Verification of Depth to Bedrock is a new standard to define the criteria and procedures to verify and document the depth to bedrock when a landowner wishes to contest the current categorization of cropland specifically for the purposes of applying manure as a crop nutrient.  The purpose of this standard is to provide appropriate methods for verification of depth to bedrock to support implementation of s. NR 151.075 in areas where the bedrock consists of Silurian dolomite with a depth to bedrock of 20 feet or less.  A summary of the contents of DATCP Technical Standard 01 compared to rulemaking by DATCP or DNR is available here.  We recommend that you review this document before reviewing the technical standard to better understand what is within the scope of this standard.

Development of this standard included the review of existing research and procedures, and input from government and industry experts.  This standard was created through the Standards Oversight Council Full Process and we are now soliciting comments from the public on the draft technical standard.

Instructions to comment on the standard:

  • Submit your comments via email to soc@wisconsinlandwater.org by midnight on Monday, June 22, 2020.
  • Keep comments specific and directly related to this technical standard.
  • You may insert your comments into the Adobe pdf document, and return the marked-up file.  You may alternately indicate the page or line numbers to which your comments refer.  Please prepare comments in the same order as the sections appear in the draft.
  • If you have general comments applicable to the entire standard please note them as such.

After the notice period is complete, all comments will be considered and responded to by the SOC team.  Revisions may be made to the document and the final updated technical standard will then be made available to internal and external stakeholders.

This is the first technical standard developed by DATCP. The process to implement and update this technical standard will be determined by DATCP. The process established by the Wisconsin Standards Oversight Council is the process the agency elected to use to develop this technical standard. DATCP is a member of the Wisconsin Standards Oversight Council along with several other federal and state agencies and conservation organizations to ensure that technical standards used for soil and water conservation in Wisconsin are science-based and involve collaboration with other impacted agencies.