01 Verification of Land Features


Matt Woodrow, Sponsor, DATCP

Rachel Rushmann, Team Leader, DATCP

Francisco Arriaga, UW Madison

Joe Baeten, WDNR

Travis Engels, Kewaunee County LWCD

Amy Haak, Country Visions Coop

Dave Hart, WGNHS

Matt Komiskey, USGS

Maureen Muldoon, WGNHS

Jason Nemecek, NRCS

Nathen Nysse, Tilth Agronomy

Jamie Patton, UW Madison/UW Extension

Tony Reali, Calumet County LWCD

If you have questions regarding this standard, contact SOC Program Manager at soc@wisconsinlandwater.org or the Team Leaders at Rachel.Rushmann@wisconsin.gov.


Custodian: DATCP

Goal: This Standard Team will create a new technical standard for use in verifying and documenting land features when a landowner wishes to contest the current depth to bedrock categorization of cropland specifically for the purposes of applying manure as a crop nutrient. Currently available depth to bedrock information varies by county and consists of a combination of information from multiple sources. The standard will establish valid methods and technologies for taking measurements, the appropriate scale for identifying features, and the qualifications of persons who may perform verification. The standard will support implementation of s. NR 151.075 in designated areas where the bedrock consists of Silurian dolomite with a depth to bedrock of 20 feet or less, and may also be appropriate for use in other areas of the state where depth to bedrock is a resource concern.

This team will examine existing research, consider new technologies, propose criteria, and consider input from expert and public review.

Work Team Status: This team began meeting in February 2019. Meetings will be held approximately monthly until the standard is completed. Details on meetings, including agendas and notes, will be available in the left sidebar as the work develops.

Team Resources: