The Wisconsin DNR Technical Standard 1010 Proprietary Storm Water Filtration Devices is now available on the WDNR website for storm water post-construction technical standards. The WDNR Technical Standard 1010 Proprietary Storm Water Filtration Devices defines criteria and procedures to determine the reduction in total suspended solids and total phosphorus using proprietary filtration devices.  Development of this standard included the review of existing research and procedures utilized by other state programs, input from government and industry experts, and a public review process.  This standard was created by a team of varied stakeholders through the SOC Full Process.  The following documents were created by the SOC team as part of WDNR Technical Standard 1010:  the Technical Standard, the Technical Note, and the Filter Efficiency Adjustment Spreadsheet.
The WDNR maintains, implements, and develops storm water construction and post-construction technical standards to assist with the compliance of Chapter NR 151, Wisconsin Administrative Code. The process established by the Wisconsin Standards Oversight Council (SOC) is the process the agency uses to develop or revise technical standards pursuant to Subchapter V of NR 151. The WDNR is a member of SOC, along with several other federal and state agencies and conservation organizations, to ensure that technical standards used for soil and water conservation in Wisconsin are science-based and involve collaboration with other stakeholders.