The Standards Oversight Council invites all technical standard users to complete the biennial Technical Standards Needs Survey. Every two years, the Council requests input through this survey to help identify successes and improvements needed in Wisconsin’s technical standards for soil and water conservation programs.  The 2013 Technical Standards Needs Survey will be accepting responses until July 31, 2013.

The upcoming 2014-2016 SOC Work Plan and future work teams will be based on priorities identified by this survey, agency requirements, and available resources.  The Council is charged with coordinating a collaborative team approach to revising and developing Wisconsin’s technical standards. All users of agricultural, land management, waste management, storm water, and other technical standards are encouraged to let NRCS, DNR, and the SOC Council know which standards are working and opportunities for improvements through this survey.

We have updated the survey into a shorter, online format to encourage more participation. This ten-question survey asks for input on which technical standards need revision and any comments on the SOC process for revising and developing technical standards.  We strongly encourage broad participation in providing SOC input in its process and future work.