SOC's 590 standard revision team meets monthly in continuing to update the Wisconsin 590 standard.

SOC’s 590 standard revision team meets monthly in continuing to update the Wisconsin 590 standard.

SOC prepares a Technical Standards Work Plan to provide an overview of which technical standard projects are priorities for the next two years. Before the plan is completed, a Technical Standards Needs Survey is conducted to gather input on revisions needed across the state. This Work Plan is based on priorities identified by the 2013 Technical Standards Needs Survey, agency requirements, and available resources.

Based on recommendations from the custodian of the standard, SOC uses three different processes, which range in complexity, participation and resource requirements, to develop or revise a technical standard.  Technical standard users are invited to provide input on potential revisions to the practice standards.  The level of involvement depends on the process used for developing the draft standard.

SOC plans to facilitate the revision of at least eleven practice standards in 2014, including NRCS Standard 590, Nutrient Management and Standard 393, Filter Strip along with the completion of WDNR’s Standard 1008, Permeable Pavement and the revision of Standard 1004, Bioretention. Additional resource management, engineering, post-construction, and erosion control technical standards are scheduled to begin revision this year or in 2015.

The custodian agencies, NRCS and WDNR, encourage input on the standards anytime during the revision process, although input is particularly useful prior to the teams convening to revise the practice standards.  Any technical standard users familiar with the standards in 2014 – 2016 Work Plan are encouraged to provide revision suggestions to All comments will be directed to the custodian agency of the standard and considered.

Review the full 2014 – 2016 Work Plan.