The Standards Oversight Council seeks permeable pavement system representatives interested in participating in a monitoring study starting 2019. This study is designed to provide information to develop and refine the WDNR Conservation Practice Standard “Permeable Pavement” (1008).

In 2014, the Permeable Pavement technical standard team developed a project to research the performance, infiltration, and pollutant reduction capacity of multiple permeable pavement products. The research has directly impacted the technical standard, and this SOC-supported Research Steering Committee now seeks to evaluate additional permeable pavement products.


  • Sycamore Park, Madison, WI
  • For more information regarding the monitoring site, click here.

Study Features:

  • Flow and water quality monitoring at inlet, underdrain and overflow locations
  • Monthly surface infiltration testing
  • Water quality analysis for TSS, TP, DP, E. coli, Enterococci, chloride, pH and others if requested
  • 2 years of data collection and 1 year of analysis and report development
  • Study results published in a peer-reviewed USGS series publication or article in a professional journal

Estimated Participant Total Cost:

  • $90,000 per test cell

Interested Parties:

Step 1:

Interested representatives should contact WDNR (Pete Wood, 262-884-2360, to discuss the project and your product in more detail.

Step 2:

After discussion with WDNR, submit the following information to SOC (contact into below) by September 1, 2018:

  • Contact information for the system representative (name, address, phone number, email)
  • Description of the system features and applications (potential markets)
  • Confirmation that the representative will install the system in the assigned test cell in 2019 (~May 1). See attachment below for test cell dimensions.
  • Verification that the system complies with criteria found in WDNR Conservation Practice Standard “Permeable Pavement” (1008)
  • Diagram (cross-section) of the system
  • Existing research papers and monitoring data for the system
Submit the above information to:

Wisconsin Standards Oversight Council
131 W. Wilson Street, Suite #601
Madison, WI 53703

Click here for submission list and test cell dimensions

Click here for informational flyer

NOTE: Anyone conducting work to install an accepted system at the permeable pavement test site must be prequalified by the City of Madison to work on City property or within the public right-of-way (prequalified contractor). Each installation or work activity at the permeable pavement test site will require a permit to Excavate in the Right-of-Way be obtained by a prequalified contractor. Other conditions of participation will be discussed when participants are selected.