The WI Standards Oversight Council (SOC) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) are soliciting comments from the public on the following revised draft Conservation Practice Standards (CPS):  CPS 395 Stream Habitat Improvement and Management, CPS 580 Streambank and Shoreline Protection, CPS 582 Open Channel, and CPS 584 Channel Bed Stabilization.

The revisions are based on proven scientific methods that will improve waters of the state, protect private interests, and conform to applicable state laws and regulations.  Specific objectives to revise these NRCS state technical standards included the following:

  • Ensure comprehensive and resilient stream channel restorations that reduce bank erosion,
  • Improve stream habitat, and
  • Sustain functions and values after large storm events.

To comment on any (or all!) of these 4 standards:

  • Submit your comments via email to by midnight on July 11, 2021.
  • Keep comments specific and directly related to each these conservation practice standards.
  • You may insert your comments into the Adobe PDF files (links to the 4 files provided above), or otherwise indicate the standard number and page or line numbers to which your comments refer. If you have general comments applicable to an entire standard please note them as such.
  • Respond in the same order as the sections appear in the drafts.

After the notice period is complete, all comments will be considered and responded to by the SOC-NRCS work team. Revisions may be made to the documents and the final CPSs will then be published and made available to internal and external stakeholders.

The revisions are following the SOC Full Process which includes input from this public review.  For more information about the SOC process, please visit our website or see our handbook.  If you have questions about submitting your comments, the public comment period or our process, contact Kate Brunner at