The DNR technical standard 1052 (Non-Channel Erosion Mat) and standard 1053 (Channel Erosion Mat) have been revised and are available for comment through October 9, 2018.  These standards are being revised through the Standards Oversight Council Minor Process.  Comments related to these draft documents should be sent to:  Please indicate in the subject line which technical standard the comments pertain to.
The draft files are available on the DNR website or via these direct links:  1052 (Non-Channel Erosion Mat) and 1053 (Channel Erosion Mat).  The proposed changes to erosion mat technical standards 1052 and 1053 are primarily to update formatting rather than content. The current versions of these technical standards reference and list the WisDOT Product Acceptability List (PAL) classes and types for approved erosion mat products. The updated versions only reference the WisDOT PAL to eliminate the redundancy. Other minor change