The following standards were revised via the SOC Minor Process and announced by NRCS in Wisconsin Field Office Technical Guide FOTG Notice WI-97.

Explanation of Changes. Users of the waste management standards released in October 2017 pointed out minor revisions and clarifications that would be appropriate. The existing date (October 2017R) of the standards will be maintained. Those who use hard copies should print the newest documents.

Updated Wisconsin construction specifications are also listed below. The date of the revised specification will be the date of the notice and will replace the previous specification.

A summary of the minor edits is provided below:

  • Waste Storage Facility (CPS 313) The headings of Management and Site Assessment were removed and placed at the beginning of the respective paragraphs to the section.
  • Pond Sealing or Lining – Compacted Soil Treatment (Code 520) – Minor edits to the agitation and scraping sections of Table 1.
  • Pond Sealing or Lining- Geomembrane or Geosynthetic Clay Liner (Code 521) – Edits to Table 6 Liner Protection and to Additional Criteria for Waste Storage Facilities.
  • Pond Sealing or Lining – Concrete (Code 522) – Edits made under Sensitive Environmental Settings.
  • Heavy Use Area Protection (Code 561) – The table providing cross section options was updated to include the missing footnote references.
  • Concrete (WCS 4) – Several references to numerical sections in the specification were edited to be alphabetical. Edits made under Sections D, F and K.
  • Polyethylene Geomembrane Lining (WCS 202) – Added polyolefin alloy to the scope of the specification and appropriate material in Tables 5 and 6. Edits made to Sections 7 and 10 and to Tables 1-6.

Further det