The following technical standards were revised via the SOC Minor Process.

Purpose. Revisions to Wisconsin Conservation Practice Standards and Wisconsin Construction Specifications (WCS)

Effective DateThis notice is effective upon receipt.

Explanation of Changes.

Section IV: ConservatioPractice Standards and Specifications :

Roof Runoff Structure (Code 558) – The maps showing the rainfalls for gutter design capacity have been removed from the standard and placed in EFH Chapter 2.
Vegetated Treatment Area (Code 635) – Minor edits to spelling and wording were made. The term “wastewater” was changed to “contaminated runoff” in the criteria for feed storage areas and animal lots.
Waste Facility Closure (Code 360) – Minor changes were made to the organization of the sections for clarity of specific criteria. The closure of structural facilities was re-worded for clarity.
Clearing (WCS 1) – A few minor wording edits were made.
Excavation (WCS 2) – A few minor wording edits were made.
Earthfill (WCS 3) – A few minor wording edits were made. Articulated haul trucks were added to the equipment type in Table l.
Earthfill, Ditch Fills or Partial Filling (WCS 3a) – A few minor wording edits were made.
Embedded or Expansive Waterstop (WCS 004-WS) – Add a sentence in placement and installation of embedded waterstop – split forms.
Construction Site Pollution Control (WCS 5) – A few minor wording edits were made.
Mobilization and Demobilization (WCS 7) – Minor edits only.
Drainfill (WCS 8) – Added a sentence on the maximum fill height on a conduit in section 5.
Rock Riprap (WCS 9) – Minor edits and added AASHTO T 104 as an alternative testing method for soundness.
Fences (WCS 10) – Edits to substitute materials that are more locally available, clarified post spacing with a table (graphic) and referred to standard drawing for fence design.
Small Rock Aggregate (Non-Concrete) (WCS 11) – No edits. Dated was changed to reflect the most recent review.
Cathodic Protection (WCS 12) – Removed due to seldom usage.
Earthfill for Waste Storage Facilities (WCS 204) – Minor edit to clarify equipment type in Table l.

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