NRCS has recently updated content on their Engineering webpage, including manuals, standard drawings, spreadsheets, and the Engineering Field Handbook.  Questions regarding Wisconsin Engineering may be referred to John Ramsden at 608-662-4422, extension 234, or Scott Mueller at 608-662-4422, extension 265.

  • Wisconsin Quality Assurance Plans were re-titled (From Inspection Plans to Quality Assurance Plans) and modified to include the following statement.  Document installed quantities (payment units) of the practices.  Financial assistance programs may have payment units different than the e-FOTG conservation practice standards reporting units. There are templates that need to be adopted to specific projects by the project designer.


  • Wisconsin Standard Drawings
    • The book of Wisconsin Engineering Standard Drawings has been modified to an updated electronic version and posted to the Wisconsin NRCS web site.
    • Modified drawings:
Drawing Title Changes Date
710 Introduced Species Seeding Establishment Updated to match 342 Standard 11/13
711 Native Species Seeding Establishment Drawing 711 was also removed
934 Log Deflector Fixed Cross Section View 11/13
942  Escape Log  Fixed Cross Section View dimension 11/13


  • Wisconsin Engineering Spreadsheets
    • Spreadsheets are modified as needs arise and improvements are made. New spreadsheets are also added on occasion.
    • Spreadsheets recently modified include:
Title Description / Changes in brief Date
Flood Frequency USGS 2003 Method Calculates peak flood discharge for streams with large drainage areas based on the USGS report, “Flood-Frequency Characteristics of Wisconsin Streams.” Inputs depend on the Wisconsin Flood Frequency area. Includes a Help tab.  Modified extrapolation procedure for storms less than 2-year storm. 11/25/2013
Seeding Mixes – Engineering Seeding Plan sheet for 342 STANDARD mixes commonly used with engineering projects. Includes a Help tab.  Matches current 342 standard. 11/25/2013
Grassed Waterway Design Fix the slowness of printing and non-responsiveness 12/2013
Roof Gutter Design (simple) Re-issued the simple roof gutter design spreadsheet. 6/2013
TR-55 Peak Runoff Calculation Fixed a minor problem. 6/2013