The NRCS CPS 313, Waste Storage Facility, has been revised and is available for comment through Monday, July 10, 2017.  As a result of this revision, liner requirements were moved from 313 into separate liner standards. Additionally, a separate temporary stacking was created; see a list of all new standards below. All of these standards are open for comment and are contained in the single document provided below for your editing & reviewing ease.

Background:  The Wisconsin CPS 313 standard was updated because changes were made to the National 313 standard.  Wisconsin can alter the national standard to create a Wisconsin standard, but the new Wisconsin standard must meet or exceed the requirements listed in the National standard.  The draft Wisconsin standard has been formatted to assist the reviewer in distinguishing National standard requirements from Wisconsin requirements.  National standard requirements are written in black with dashed underlining; Wisconsin specific language is blue. These distinctions will be removed in the final version.

Standard Formatting:  All NRCS standards are being reformatted to be compliant with the Plain Langu