The WI Standards Oversight Council (SOC) is working with Wisconsin office of Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to form a stakeholder team charged with updating the NRCS Conservation Practice Standard (CPS) 328 Conservation Crop Rotation.


Notification for Assembling Storm Water Technical Standard Work Team 
SOC and NRCS are seeking volunteer technical experts to brainstorm, troubleshoot, research, evaluate and question all aspects of what a conservation crop rotation is, or should be, designed to do.  The Work Team will review and revise the current CPS 328 and its associated technical documents that provides criteria for the planning of the conservation crop rotation practice on croplands.  The team will determine the general criteria and any additional criteria and considerations necessary to achieve the practice purpose.  The team will develop a technical guidance document(s) based upon current cropping systems, trends, and conservation benefits using current erosion modeling tools such as RUSLE2 and/or WEPS to evaluate crop rotations, tillage methods, residue management strategies, soil health benefits and potential nutrient loss reductions.
Who Should Apply
SOC welcomes applications from all individuals with relevant experience, particularly in planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating conservation crop rotations. Individuals offering substantial experience and a broad statewide perspective are preferred to optimize team efficacy and the quality of the final product. In particular, we seek participation from producers, researchers, conservation organizations, conservation planners, agronomists and other technical experts.
How to Apply
Those interested in participating in the full team process should review the details in this notice and submit a completed application on page 2 of the notice) summarizing relevant experience.  Applications for consideration to participate on this stream restoration standard team are due to by midnight Wednesday, September 22, 2021.
Please forward this information along to any other potentially qualified parties.  If you cannot participate as a team member, but wish to offer suggestions for needed revisions, you may do so at this time on the same application.