Our mission is to oversee a collaborative process for developing effective technical standards that ensure the preservation of Wisconsin’s natural resources.
Photo credit: NRCS

Help us ensure a transparent, science-based process for developing high-quality technical standards that protect our land and health. The Standards Oversight Council has become a national model for inter-agency collaboration.  For more than 20 years SOC has been a fundamental and invaluable component of land and water conservation programs in Wisconsin.  Through our team approach, we believe the SOC process has helping maintain state and local program credibility, as well as fairness to land owners and managers.On any given day, SOC is facilitating up to three diverse teams immersed in the full process of standard development, numerous other less comprehensive standard revisions, along with continuous communication updates and networking responsibilities.
Donations are tax deductible. We appreciate your support of any amount to continue our work. Donate to SOC by mailing a check payable to WI Land+Water with Standards Oversight Council or SOC in the memo line.

Mail donations to:
Standards Oversight Council
c/o WI Land+Water
131 W. Wilson St. #601
Madison, WI 53703

SOC operations are housed at the Wisconsin Land+Water Conservation Association (WI Land+Water). WI Land+Water welcomes donations via sponsorship for the Annual Conference or Wisconsin Envirothon. Contact Matt Krueger at or (608) 441-2677 for more sponsorship information.