Comment on Standards In Development

The Standards Oversight Council facilitates a comprehensive process for maintaining effective conservation practice standards for Wisconsin.  These technical standards provide design requirements and performance expectations for effective implementation.

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SOC welcomes your input to help ensure that these practice standards are practical and used consistently across the state.  We encourage technical standard reviewers to evaluate the application of the draft standard to local conditions and to check for consistency among overlapping or similar technical standards.

Instructions to Submit Comments

To provide input on a newly developed or revised technical standards, review the procedure below:

  • The comment period is typically 14 to 21 days.
  • Submit comments to soc[at]wisconsinlandwater[dot]org.  Comments may be directly within the email text, within an attached Word document, or a marked-up and scanned pdf.
  • Keep comments specific, technical, and directly related to the standard. Where possible, indicate the line number or section number to which you are referring, for example “In Site Criteria item (3): Does this mean that…” Respond in the same order as the sections appear in the draft. If you have general comments applicable to the entire standard please note them as such.
  • All comments received will be considered and a summary of the responses to the comments will be posted on the standard webpage.  Received comments will be included as submitted in the summary of responses.
  • If you would like to request revisions to any WDNR or NRCS technical standards, please contact soc[at]wisconsinlandwater[dot]org.