The following revisions to the Wisconsin FOTG have been posted on the Wisconsin e-FOTG website:

Section IV

  • Index
  • Standard 313, Waste Storage Facility
  • Standard 340, Cover Crop
  • Standard 382, Fence
  • Standard 399, Fish Pond Management (Deleted)
  • Standard 422, Hedgerow Planting (Deleted)
  • Standard 560, Access Road
  • Standard 575, Animal Trails and Walkways
  • Standard 629, Waste Treatment
  • Standard 634, Waste Transfer
  • Standard 643A, Shoreland Habitat –Interim (Deleted)
  • Standard 654, Road, Trail, Landing Closure and Treatment (New)
  • Standard 672, Building Envelope Improvement (New)

Explanation of Changes/Revisions:

  • Standard 313, Clarified the location of 10:1 slab transitions was not at wall footings. Changed the heading name of “Embankment” to “Impoundment” in various tables to clarify that the requirements applied to excavated slopes as well as embankments.
  • Standard 340, Minor revisions to; add Soil Health and Condition as an Additional Criteria, add criteria to adjust the seeding rate when over-seeding is done and add mandatory soil moisture assessment prior to over-seeding a cover crop. The December 2013 NRCS Cover Crop Termination Guidelines, Non-Irrigated Cropland – Version 2 was posted in the references section to replace the June 2013 NRCS Cover Crop Termination Guidelines – Non-Irrigated Cropland.
  • Standard 382, Minor revisions to the standards to more closely reflect the national practice standard. The practice lifespan statement was made more general and moved to the Operation and Maintenance section.  A series of Standard Drawings of typical fence type