Purpose: Revisions to Wisconsin Conservation Practice Standards and Specifications

The following revisions to the Wisconsin FOTG have been posted on the Wisconsin e-FOTG website: Section IV: Conservation Practice Standards and  Specifications:

  • Index
  • Brush Management (Code 314)
  • Cover Crop (Code 340)
  • Filter Strip (Code 393)
  • Grassed Waterway (412)
  • Heavy Use (Code 561)
  • Seasonal High Tunnel (Code 325)
  • Agronomy Technical Note 7, Cover and Green Manure Crops
  • Agronomy Technical Note 10, Filter Strip
  • Forestry Technical Note 1,Native Tree and Shrub Planting
  • Brush Management Job Sheet (314)
  • Cover Crop Job Sheet (340)
  • Filter Strip Job Sheet (393)
  • Forest Stand Improvement Job Sheet (666)
  • Seasonal High Tunnel Job Sheet (325)
  • Cover Crop Termination Guidelines

Explanation  of Changes/Revisions:

Brush Management (Code 314) – The revised Standard incorporates more detail in Brush Management methods. The Job Sheet for Brush Management provides documentation that matches the practice Standard and specification requirements.

Cover Crop (Code 340) – The specification was revised to simplify seed mixes and address changes to the National Standard including language on tested seed, mixes based on straight rates, language on termination. Job Sheet 340 for Cover Crops provides documentation that matches the practice Standards and specification requirements.

Filter Strip (Code 393) -The specification was revised to include update materials from the SOC standard update process.  Job sheet 393 for Filter Strip was updated to provide documentation that matches the practice standards and specification requirements.

Forest Stand Improvement (Code 666) -The Job Sheet provides documentation that matches the practice Standards and spe