SUBJECT:   WI NRCS guidance for planning and certification requirements of Nutrient Management Practice (590) for fiscal year (FY) 16.

Purpose:  To provide a focus on the application of nutrient management, the awareness of risk assessment, and to place the incentive for nutrient management on positively impacting nutrient balancing.

Expiration Date:  Until Replaced


Traditionally, clients seeking their first program payment for 590 provided documentation of a soil sample and written nutrient management plan. With the NRCS focusing on planning ahead of contracting; there is a need for increasing awareness of proper risk assessment and nutrient balancing which will result in different documentation requirements for program payments for 590 plan development and for 590 plan implementation.


For 590 Plan development, the initial soil sample and nutrient management plan will be required as part of a Conservation Activity Plan (CAP), or an equivalent component plan, beginning in FY 16.  Applicants  seeking 590 in an EQIP Contract for FY 16, must have an approved CAP 102, CAP 104, or equivalent component plan to screen above a Low Priority for any application containing 590.  The component plan, or CAP, must be signed by a CCA certified nutrient management  or by a certified NRCS planner with background  in nutrient management planning.  All CAPS, or equivalent component plans, must meet NRCS 590 Standards and Specifications, which includes UW approved soil testing protocol.

Applicants selected for 590 Plan implementation in FY 16 will be required to tum in records and complete the current Nutrient Management Job Sheet in order to qualify for payments. SNAP+ records will supplement documentation by the participant showing evidence they have been accurately recording the quantity and location of nutrient applications, along with following all restrictions according to the 590 Plan. In addition, RUSLE2 soil loss will be calculated with no fields over tolerable levels and no concentrated flow channels existing on any field. In the final year of an EQIP Contract with 590, participants will be required to conduct another round of soil sampling according to UW protocols, and submit results – along with SNAP+ and RUSLE2 records – to qualify for a final program payment.

By enhancing documentation, NRCS is increasing assurance nutrients are balanced, soils are being protected from erosion, risk assessment maps are being implemented, and practices to improve nutrient balancing are addressing identified resource concerns .

See Job Sheet 590 and the current 590 Practice Standard in the FOTG for practice standards and specifications required in all CAP or component plans.



Jimmy Bramblett

State Conservationist


For more information, view a PDF of the full NRCS memo: