Purpose: Revisions to Wisconsin Conservation Practice Standards and Specifications

The following revisions to the Wisconsin FOTG have been posted on the Wisconsin e-FOTG website:

Section IV: Conservation Practice Standards and Specifications:

  • Index
  • Stream Crossing (Code 578)
  • Terrace (Code 600)
  • Construction Specification 4, Concrete
  • Construction Specification 10, Fences
  • Construction Specification 25, GPS Machine Control Construction – New Specification
  • Construction Specification 300, Clay Liner
  • Construction Specification 634, Waste Transfer Pipe

Explanation of Changes/Revisions:

Stream Crossing (Code 578) – The revised Standard incorporates a minor change to the current standard. The allowance to use an overflow area for culverts was emitted and has been added.

Terrace (Code 600) – The revised Standard incorporates minor changes to the National Standard.

Construction Specification 4, Concrete – The specification was revised to incorporate some tolerance in cement and slump. Cold weather temperature requirements were modified.

Construction Specification 10, Fences – The specification was revised to update materials referenced in Part V.

Construction Specification 25, GPS Machine Control Construction – This is a new specification.

Construction Specification 300, Clay Liner – The specification was reorganized and borrow material testing added.

Construction Specification 634, Waste Transfer Pipe – The specification was revised to update HDPE pipe material requirements in Table 2.

Remove the following Standards from any printed copies of the WI FOTG:

  • Stream Crossing (Code 578), dated 3/13
  • Terrace (Code 600), dated 12/10
  • Construction Specification 4, Concrete, dated 5/13
  • Construction Specification 10, Fences, dated 11/14
  • Construction Specification 300, Clay Liner, dated 3/14
  • Construction Specification 634, Waste Transfer Pipe, dated 4/14

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