Draft guidance concerning storm water is now available for review and comment on the Proposed DNR Program Guidance web page or via the following link:  1057_TrackoutControlPractices

Trackout Control Practices – Technical Standard 1057 is open for comment until May 9, 2018.

The proposed “Trackout Control Practices – Technical Standard 1057” (formerly named Stone Tracking Pad and Tire Washing) has been updated to include a suite of tracking control options, incorporate an avoid/minimize/mitigate approach, bring in additional technology, and incorporate implementation experience. This standard was revised through the Standards Oversight Council Full Process. A team of seven experts met over the past eight months to draft revisions, and also solicited input from a select panel of Initial Reviewers. More details on the team’s meetings are available here.

Instructions to comment on standards: Submit your comments by midnight Wednesday, May 9. Keep comments specific and directly related to the standard. You may use comments in the Adobe pdf document, or otherwise indicate the section or line numbers to which your comments refer. Respond in the same order as the sections appear in the draft. If you have general comments applicable to the entire standard please note them as such.

The DNR is soliciting comments from the public on this draft guidance. Once the 21-day notice period is complete, all comments will be considered by the DNR. After considering all public comments, revisions may be made to the guidance documents and final guidance will be made available to internal and external stakeholders. Comments related to this draft guidance document should be sent to: DNRTECHNICALSTANDARDS@Wisconsin.gov. Please indicate in the subject line which Technical Standard the comments pertain to.

Thank you for your input.