WDNR 1008 Permeable Pavement


Shannon Haydin, Sponsor, WDNR

Pete Wood, Team Leader, WDNR

If you have questions regarding this standard, contact the SOC Coordinator, Kate Brunner at kate@wisconsinlandwater.org or the Team Leader, Pete Wood at Peter.Wood@wisconsin.gov.


Custodian: WDNR

Goal: Since publication of the technical standard, WDNR and SOC have continued to review ongoing research with partners and stakeholders.  Technical Standard 1008 Permeable Pavement is being updated to address maintenance and flow path concerns based on new research and technologies, and input from expert and public review. The proposed changes are specific to surface cleaning in both the Criteria and the Operations & Maintenance sections.

Broad Review: The updated draft standard was open for review from March 31  through April 22, 2021.  The comments received and responses are available here 

Publication: June 2021 – see the announcement here, and view or download the updated standard on the WDNR storm water post-construction technical standards webpage