Standards in Modified Process

This shows an example of one of WDNR’s post-construction standards, a Vegetative Infiltration Swale, designed to enhance the infiltration of stormwater runoff.

SOC uses a less intensive process, called the Modified Process, for projects including a practice standard that has limited outside agency use, an associated impending deadline, minimal user impact, or inadequate resources to implement a more comprehensive process. At a minimum, the Modified Process will include steps to identify key contributors to the drafting process, invite outside feedback on the initial draft standard language, solicit comments through a broad review, and announce final revised standards.

This process is often used by the Custodian agency for existing practice standards that need a few or moderate updates.   More specifically, SOC uses the following criteria to determine if the Modified Process should be used:

  1. Limited Use: The standard is not likely to be used by other agencies or organizations;
  2. Time Sensitive: The Custodian requests a timely completion due to programmatic reasons beyond its immediate control;
  3. Limited Involvement: Changes in select criteria are driven by outside sources (e.g., targeted research) that do not require full team input, but are substantial enough to warrant professional and public review;
  4. Minimal User Impact: The revision would have minimal impact on the users of the standard; or
  5. Insufficient Resources: Available resources are too limited to support the Full Process.