1002 Site Evaluation for Infiltration


Mary Anne Lowndes, Sponsor, WDNR

Jan Kucher, Team Leader, WDNR

Bob Armstrong, WDOT

Roger Bannerman, WDNR

Tom Braun, Department of Safety and Professional Services

Theresa Caven, City of Brookfield

Greg Coulthurst, Door Co. SWCD

Mike Nimmer, Foth Infrastructure & Environment

Eric Rortvedt, WDNR

Gary Starzinski, Star Environmental, Inc.


If you have questions regarding this standard, contact the SOC Program Manager, Jennifer Thieme, at soc@wisconsinlandwater.org or the Team Leader, Jan Kucher, at Jan.Kucher@wisconsin.gov.




















Custodian: WDNR

Goal: This team revisited requirements for performing site evaluation for infiltration, siting an infiltration device, selecting infiltration rates, and preparing a site evaluation report.

The team addressed the following:

– Ensure effective groundwater protection, with appropriate considerations for karst topography

– Ensure designs are sustainable

– Improve the quality of information collected on site

– Improve the legibility and clarity of the document, thus ensuring its accurate use in the field

– Include updated research and experience gained from implementing the standard

– Examine a decompaction option

Initial Review Complete:
April 2017

Broad Review Complete:
June 2017

Publication Date: October 2017

Work Team Status: This team met June 2016 through July 2017. See meeting notes (left column) for details.

Final Document: 1002 Site Evaluation for Infiltration



Team Resources:

Injection Wells


Modified Philip-Dunne (from John Gulliver, U MN)**

Pits & Borings

Infiltration Rates & Mitigating Compaction

Water Quality

Additional Materials