NRCS 380 Windbreak-Shelterbelt Establishment and Renovation


Eric Hurley, Sponsor – NRCS

Allan Braun, Team Leader – NRCS


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  • Meeting dates will be listed here as they are scheduled.
  • Due to Covid-19, meetings will initially be remote (online).  We expect to have in-person meetings as work progresses.

Meeting information will be published within the agenda one week prior to each meeting.

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Custodian: NRCS

Goal: The Work Team will review and revise the current federal CPS 380 Windbreak-Shelterbelt Establishment and Renovation and its associated technical documents that provide criteria for establishing, enhancing, or renovating windbreaks. The team will determine the general criteria and any additional criteria and considerations necessary to achieve the practice purpose in Wisconsin with the multiple applications of windbreaks (wind erosion, crop protection, crop transpiration and soil moisture management, homestead/livestock protection and reduced energy usage, snow barrier, snow dispersal, odor/air quality abatement, pesticide drift control).  The objective of the Work Team will be to identify barriers that prevent greater use of the windbreak standard, and draft solutions to those barriers within the windbreak technical criteria and guidance.

The updated CPS 380 and associated technical guidance we develop will have broad use and implications for soil conservation, surface and groundwater protection, agriculture economics and sustainability for Wisconsin.

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Team work will follow the Full Process detailed in the SOC Technical Standards Process Handbook. Criteria for the standard will be based on existing science, be protective of the waters of the state, and conform to existing laws and regulations. The team will examine existing research, consider new technologies, and consider input from expert and public review.

Anticipated Initial Review:  Mid 2022

Anticipated Broad Review: Late 2022

Anticipated Publication Date:  Late 2022

Work Team Status:  Team meetings are expected to begin in January 2022 and will be held approximately monthly until the draft standard is completed.  Details on meetings, including agendas and notes, will be available in the left sidebar as the work develops.

Key Team Resources

  • WI CPS 380 Windbreak-Shelterbelt Establishment dated October 2016.
  • Note: Current WI CPSs are available in the NRCS Field Office Technical GuideSelect Wisconsin, then go to Section IV > Conservation Practices > select individual standards from the alphabetical list > Practice Standard or other support documents.
  • WI CPS 650 Windbreak-Shelterbelt Renovation dated January 2013.
  • Federal CPS 380 Windbreak-Shelterbelt Establishment and Renovation dated July 2021.
  • Federal CPS 380 effects-network diagram dated July 2021
  • University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry, Training Manual for Applied Agroforestry Practices, Chapter 6: Windbreaks, 2021 Edition.
  • Smith, Matthew M. et al, Windbreaks in the United States: A systematic review of producer-reported benefits, challenges, management activities and drivers of adoption, Agricultural Systems, Volume 187, 2021.

Other Support Resources