313 Waste Storage Facility (10/2017)


NOTE:  This is an archive that was updated only through October 2017.



Scott Mueller, Sponsor, NRCS

Amy Moore, Team Leader, NRCS

Travis Buckley, DATCP

Michael Haase, Winnebago County LWCD

Dale Konkol, Door County SWCD

Bernie Michaud, WDNR

Ryan Rice, Fond du Lac County LWCD

Corey Schuelke, Waupaca County LWCD

Brian Schuh, NRCS

Andrew Skwor, MSA Professional Services

Chad Trudell, Oconto County Office of Land Conservation

Peter Wurzer, DATCP

If you have questions regarding this standard, contact the SOC Program Manager, Jennifer Thieme, at soc@wisconsinlandwater.org or the Team Leader, Amy Moore, at amy.r.moore@wi.usda.gov.



















Custodian: NRCS

Goal: This team will revise NRCS Conservation Practice Standard 313, Waste Storage Facility. Specific objectives include the following:- Ensure the revised Wisconsin standard meets or exceeds the new National criteria,

– Provide an opportunity to update other items that the team agrees need revision,

– Improve legibility, and

– Avoid a “major” rewrite.

Initial Review Complete:
April 2017

Broad Review Complete:
June 2017

Publication Date: October 2017

Work Team Status: This team met August 2016 through July 2017. At the first team meeting in August, the team identified several desired issues for update. The team compared the new National criteria to existing criteria and update Wisconsin’s standard as necessary. See Minutes in the left-hand column for more details.

The team finalized the draft via email after its final July meeting, and shared responses to Broad Review comments with reviewers at this time. Note that criteria for temporary stacking and liners were pulled into separate standards to align with National NRCS CPS numbering. A new waterstop spec was also created.

Final Documents: 

CPS 313, Waste Storage Facility (revised)

CPS 318, Short Term Storage of Animal Waste and By-Products (new)

CPS 520, Pond Sealing and Lining – Compacted Soil Treatment (new)

CPS 521, Pond Sealing and Lining – Geomembrane or Geotextile Clay Liner (revised)

CPS 522, Pond Sealing and Lining – Concrete (new)

WCS 4, Concrete (revised)

WCS 004-WS, Embedded or Expansive Waterstop (new)


Team Resources: 

Sensitive Environmental Areas

Summary of Sensitive Environmental Areas across states
Resources for Summary of Sensitive Environmental Areas document
Locating Feedlots and Manure Storage Areas in MN’s Karst Region, MN Pollution Control Agency, 2017.

National Engineering Handbook

NEH 531 – 2012
NEH 531a – 2012
NEH 531b – 2012
NEH 531c – 2012
NEM 520 – 2010
NEM 531a – 2013
NEM 531b – 2013
NEM 531c – 2013
NEM 531d – 2013
NEM 531e – 2013
NEM 536, subject to change – 2010

Concrete Thickness

Table A revisions – Excel calculations
GRDSLAB-Slab on Grade-Deere 544K High Lift
GRDSLAB-Slab on Grade-JLG G9-43A Telehandler
GRDSLAB-Slab on Grade-Semi Tractor
GRDSLAB-Wheel Load Check-Deere 544K High Lift
GRDSLAB-Wheel Load Check-JLG G9-43A Telehandler
GRDSLAB-Wheel Load Check-Semi Tractor


Comparison of National vs. WI language
318 Short Term Storage of Animal Waste and By-Products – National

Soil Investigations

ASTM D-2488, Standard Practice for Description and Identification of Soils (Visual-Manual Procedure)
AWMFH Chapter 7, Geologic and Groundwater Considerations
D5434, Standard Guide for Field Logging of Subsurface Explorations of Soil and Rock
EFH-4, Exhibit A, Soil Investigations
NEH 210 631, Logging Earth Materials

Other State 313 Standards

NATIONAL,  May 2016
Illinois, August 2016
Indiana, October 2016
Kentucky, May 2016
Minnesota, December 2016
New York, October 2014 (prior to National update)
Ohio, April 2016 (prior to National update)
Pennsylvania, January 2016 (prior to National update)
Vermont, August 2016