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1062 Ditch Check Update

The DNR technical standard 1062, Ditch Check, has been updated through the SOC Modified Process. The draft was released for Broad Review last fall, and comments from eight individuals were received and reviewed. Updates to the technical standard include minor updates to terminology, references, and figures. Click here to view the revised technical standard 1062.

CPS 360, Waste Facility Closure, Open For Comment Through 3/29/18

The NRCS standard 360, Waste Facility Closure, has been revised and is available for comment through March 29, 2018. This standard is being revised through the Standards Oversight Council Modified Process. This standard was updated in compliance with the NRCS 5-year review policy. Duplicated criteria within the standard was eliminated, and wording was revised to […]

Assembling Proprietary Filtration Device Technical Standard Team

Applications Due Friday, March 16, 2018 Notification for Assembling Storm Water and Erosion Control Technical Standard Work Team Volunteer technical experts are needed to serve on a technical standard Work Team to create a new Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) technical standard related to storm water and erosion control. Criteria for the standard will […]

Permeable Pavement Research Opportunity

The Standards Oversight Council seeks permeable pavement system representatives interested in participating in a monitoring study starting 2019. This study is designed to provide information to develop and refine the WDNR Conservation Practice Standard “Permeable Pavement” (1008). In 2014, the Permeable Pavement technical standard team developed a project to research the performance, infiltration, and pollutant […]

NRCS FOTG Update: Notice WI-90

The following technical standards were revised via the SOC Minor Process.   WISCONSIN FIELD OFFICE TECHNICAL GUIDE 450-11-TECHNICAL GUIDE FOTG  NOTICE WI-90 Purpose. Revisions to Wisconsin Conservation Practice Standards and Specifications. Effective Date. This notice is effective upon receipt. Section IV: Conservation Practice Standards and Specifications: Access Control (Code 472) – Reviewed with no revisions […]

1068 Dust Control and 1005 Veg. Swale Minor Updates

The DNR has updated two technical standards through the Standards Oversight Council Minor Process. 1068, Dust Control, has been updated to reflect the new technical standard format and align with current terminology. 1005, Vegetated Swale, has been updated to reduce redundant information. Section V.G.6.c., which outlined how to determine the appropriate infiltration rate when swale […]

Summary of 2017 Technical Standards Needs Assessment

Thank you to all who responded to SOC’s 2017 Technical Standards Needs Assessment! This biennial survey was completed by 133 individuals familiar with Wisconsin’s technical standards used in statewide conservation programs.  The survey results are used to prioritize revisions and the development of effective technical standards that protect our state’s natural resources. The 2017 Standards Oversight […]

DNR S100 Compost update

The DNR technical standard S100, Compost for Storm Water Management, has been updated through the Standards Oversight Council Modified Process. A draft was released for public review from 7/27/17 – 8/17/17. The technical standard was updated to more closely align with s. NR 502.12(16), Wis. Adm. Code, Class A Compost. The revised technical standard is available […]

DNR 1062 Ditch Checks Open for Comment Through 11/13/17

The WDNR standard 1062, Ditch Check, has been revised and is available for comment through November 13, 2017. This standard was revised through the Standards Oversight Council Modified Process, including input from a select team of experts. This technical standard includes minor updating of terminology, references, and figures. Draft 1062 Standard Instructions to comment on standards: Submit your […]

DNR 1002 Site Evaluation for Infiltration Update

The DNR technical standard 1002, Site Evaluation for Infiltration, has been updated by a Standards Oversight Council Full Process team. This team of 9 experts drafted new criteria over the course of a year, including input from outside experts and a public review period. The technical standard revises the procedures, updates the submittal requirements, and […]