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NRCS AWMFH Update: Notice WI-35

NATIONAL ENGINEERING HANDBOOK PART 651 AGRICULTURAL WASTE MANAGEMENT FIELD HANDBOOK NOTICE WI-35   The existing technical supplements to Chapter 10 of the Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook (AWMFH) have beensuperseded by more current spreadsheets and design guidance. They are to be removed from the handbook.   The space requirements for animal lot design have also been updated. Filing Instructions: Remove: Directive Tabulation Sheet, dated November 2012 Pages 10-WI-1 to 10-WI-53 (all WI supplements) Insert: Directive Tabulation Sheet, dated January 2014 Page 10-WI-1   Wisconsin supplements and transmittal notices for the AWMFH can be found on the Wisconsin NRCS web site at   JIMMY BRAMBLETT […]

2014 – 2016 SOC Work Plan released

SOC prepares a Technical Standards Work Plan to provide an overview of which technical standard projects are priorities for the next two years. Before the plan is completed, a Technical Standards Needs Survey is conducted to gather input on revisions needed across the state. This Work Plan is based on priorities identified by the 2013 […]

NRCS Engineering webpage updated

NRCS has recently updated content on their Engineering webpage, including manuals, standard drawings, spreadsheets, and the Engineering Field Handbook.  Questions regarding Wisconsin Engineering may be referred to John Ramsden at 608-662-4422, extension 234, or Scott Mueller at 608-662-4422, extension 265. Wisconsin Quality Assurance Plans were re-titled (From Inspection Plans to Quality Assurance Plans) and modified to include […]

Draft Permeable Pavement Practice Standard Open for Comment

Thanks for the feedback.  The team will review all comments in December and aims for a final WDNR permeable pavement standard to be released in February 2014. The Standards Oversight Council invites you to provide constructive input on Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s (WDNR) draft stormwater construction technical standard for permeable pavement. The draft standard […]

Revised NRCS Practice Standards – Notice FOTG WI-64

WISCONSIN FIELD OFFICE TECHNICAL GUIDE – NOTICE FOTG WI-64 The following revisions to the Wisconsin Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) have been posted on the Wisconsin e-FOTG website: Section IV Index Standard 397, Aquaculture Ponds Standard 560, Access Road Standard 561, Heavy Use Area Protection Standard 575, Animal Trails and Walkways Standard 580, Streambank and Shoreline […]

2013 Technical Standards Needs Survey Summary

One of the several methods SOC uses to invite your feedback is through participating in the biennial Technical Standards Needs Survey.  SOC conducts this survey every two years and encourages conservation technicians, agency staff, municipality reviewers, farmers, private sector developers and all technical standard users to participate and provide data on which technical standards need […]

Input Requested through the 2013 Technical Standards Needs Survey

The Standards Oversight Council invites all technical standard users to complete the biennial Technical Standards Needs Survey. Every two years, the Council requests input through this survey to help identify successes and improvements needed in Wisconsin’s technical standards for soil and water conservation programs.  The 2013 Technical Standards Needs Survey will be accepting responses until July 31, 2013. […]

2012 Accomplishment Report

This year was marked with changes in staff, improvements in our communications, and continued progress in updating conservation practice standards for Wisconsin’s soil and water conservation programs. By redesigning our website and public comment system, we aimed to build awareness of our work and encourage broad participation in the process among stakeholders. We further evaluated […]

Revised NRCS Standards, FOTG WI-61

NRCS has updated five standards, listed below.  To assist technical standard users in understanding the revisions, NRCS has provided brief summaries of the changes as well as mark-up copies of each of the standards.  Review the links below for the mark-up versions, and visit the Field Office Technical Guide on the NRCS website for the final […]