Applications Due Friday, May 26

Notification for Assembling Storm Water and Erosion Control Technical Standard Work Team

Volunteer technical experts are needed to serve on a technical standard Work Team to revise an existing Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) technical standard related to storm water and erosion control. The work team will revise 1057, Stone Tracking Pad and Tire Washing, described below. Criteria for the standard will be based on existing science, be protective of the waters of the state, and conform to existing laws and regulations.

1057 Stone Tracking Pad and Tire Washing

The Work Team will revisit the standard’s means of reducing off-site sedimentation through prevention, minimization, and timely clean-up of sediment tracked by vehicles leaving construction sites. The update is intended to consider new technologies, changes in construction practices, project phasing, and other aspects of construction sites that may affect the criteria in this standard.   Individuals with experience constructing, designing (subdivision or commercial), maintaining, inspecting, studying, testing, or using devices to eliminate tracking of sediment from construction sites are encouraged to apply.