Date: February 16, 2016


Notification for Assembling Stormwater and Erosion Control Technical Standard Work Team


Volunteer technical experts are needed to serve on a technical standard Work Team to create a new Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) technical standard related to stormwater and erosion control. The work team is being convened to develop a new technical standard, described below, that conforms to existing laws and regulations. Criteria for the new standard will be based on existing science and should be protective of the waters of the state.


1002, Site Evaluation for Stormwater Infiltration

A work team is being convened to develop an updated technical standard that will revisit requirements for performing site evaluation for infiltration, siting and infiltration device, selecting infiltration rates, and preparing a site evaluation report.  Individuals with experience constructing, designing, maintaining, permitting, studying, testing, and/or using stormwater infiltration devices are encouraged to apply.


Custodian: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Team Sponsor: Mary Anne Lowndes, WDNR

Proposed Timeline: April 2016 to June 2017


Team Process

The team process as outlined by the Standards Oversight Council (SOC) process handbook will be utilized to develop the practice standards. The primary team shall consist of 8 – 12 individuals who have technical expertise in constructing, designing, maintaining, testing, and/or using infiltration systems.  Individuals offering substantial experience and a broad statewide perspective are preferred to optimize team efficacy and the quality of the final product.


Individuals with these qualifications and who have an interest in participating in the full team process should submit a letter of interest with a short summary of their experience to the SOC Program Manager at by Friday, March 4 to be considered as a team member.  Team members will be notified of their acceptance on the team by April 1.  The first full team meeting is expected to occur in April and continue as frequently as monthly. Team members will be expected to attend all meetings.


If you have questions about the SOC Process or responsibilities of being a work team member, please contact me.




Jennifer Thieme,

Standards Oversight Council Program Manager, WI Land+Water