NRCS FOTG Update: Notice WI-87





Purpose. Revisions to Wisconsin Conservation Practice Standards and Specifications

Explanation of Changes.

 Section IV:  Conservation Practice Standards and Specifications:

 Access Road (Code CPS-560) – Option G in Table 2 was revised to allow a Class III geotextile as opposed to the current Class IV. Class III will serve the intended purpose for drainage and filtration, while the overlying geogrid provides the necessary textile strength properties.

Open Channel (Code CPS-582) – In Cross Section, the first and last bullet in Channel Stability were revised to add “24-hour” for storm frequency. The stability check was revised to state, “… 2 feet per second or less”.

Pond (Code CPS-378) – Page 2, item d. under general criteria was missing the end of the sentence. Page 4, Slope Protection, the TR reference was corrected to 69. Page 7, 4th paragraph was deleted since it was included in material on page 8.

Documentation of Dam Hazard Classification (Code JS-378)- National Engineering Manual Part 520, Subpart C, Dams, requires that all dams be classified according to hazard class and this classification be documented. This case file information will be helpful in limiting agency responsibility if structures would be placed in the downstream dam failure area after construction. Job Sheet 378 was developed to assist staff with this documentation. It is a fillable form and does much of the mathematics required. The hazard class must be designated and any rationale provided.  A person with engineering job approval authority must approve the classification.

Engineering/Resources Conservation Practice Quality Assurance Data (Code JS-818) – A “Quantity Contracted” column was added to page I to serve as a comparison to Quantity Installed. Step 8(a) – item c. Initialed by Checker was added. Step 8(b) – item c. Initialed by Checker was added.

Landowner Acceptance Statement (Code JS-819) – The wording was revised to accommodate the use of the job sheet by private consultants providing technical assistance to landowners. Wording was also added stating that the NRCS District Conservationist would be informed of any changes so contract adjustments could be made. This will help to reinforce the landowner’s responsibility with their program contract.


The following revisions to the Wisconsin FOTG have been posted on the Wisconsin e-FOTG website:

Remove the following outdated Standards and Specifications from any pl’inted copies of the WI FOTG:

  • Index
  • Access Road (Code CPS-560)
  • Open Channel (Code CPS-582)
  • Pond (Code CPS-378)



Add the following Standards and Specifications to any printed copies of the WI FOTG:

  • Index
  • Access Road (Code CPS-560)
  • Open Channel (Code CPS-582)
  • Pond (Code CPS-378)

A link to the Wisconsin FOTG is located on the Wisconsin NRCS website at:

The complete revised standards are also contained in the following link:

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