WDNR stormwater standards available for comment

WDNR has worked with internal staff to revise two interim Technical Standards, 1050 and 1051, and is now soliciting public comments on the proposed revisions.   The intent of the revisions are to reflect the April 2015 “Water Quality Review Procedures for Additives” guidance. The guidance provides comprehensive procedures for the review of additives for potential toxicity. Additionally, the standards have been broadened to use the term “additive” to be all inclusive with the use of polyacrylamide and other polymers.

The following draft standards will be available for comment from October 5th to October 26th.

Technical Standard 1050, Land Application of Additives for Erosion Control – originally titled “Erosion Control Application of Anionic Polyacrylamide”

Technical Standard 1051, Water Application of Additives for Sediment Control – originally titled “Interim Sediment Control Water Application of Polymers”

After the 21 day comment period is complete, all comments will be reviewed and the technical standard will be updated. The final technical standard will then be posted and available on the WDNR website.

How to submit comments:

Submit your comments organized by section of the standard by deadline listed above. Keep comments specific and directly related to the standard. Indicate the section you are referring to when commenting, for example “V.B.4.: Does this mean that… My suggestion is…” Respond in the same order as the sections appear in the draft. If you have general comments applicable to the entire standard please note them as such.

Comments related to the proposed revisions to these standards should be sent to one of the following:

  • Online via the comment link to the top left of this page.
  • By email to soc@wisconsinlandwater.org or DNRtechnicalstandards@wisconsin.gov.

If you have questions regarding the standard revisions, please contact Jan Kucher at Jan.Kucher@wisconsin.gov.

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