NRCS FOTG Update: Notice WI-69



The following revisions to the Wisconsin FOTG have been posted on the Wisconsin e-FOTG website:

Section IV

  • Index
  • Standard 643 Restoration and Management of Rare and Declining Habitats
  • Standard 647 Early Successional Habitat Development/Management
  • Wisconsin Construction Specification 10. Fences

Explanation of Changes/Revisions:

  • Standard 643- The standard received a minor update to remove the vegetative establishment guidance (standard 327 Conservation Cover is the primary native vegetation establishment reference) and link the identification of rare and declining habitats to the Wisconsin Natural Heritage Inventory classification of “extreme rarity”.
  • Standard 647 – The standard received a minor update to align the Definition and Purpose with the national standard template and to update the methods typically utilized to create forest openings and manage brushland.
  • Wisconsin Construction Specification 10. Fences – The specification was amended to include information on the use of Temporary Electric Fence and clarification was added to explain the Operation and Maintenance requirements for replacement of fiberglass, plastic and composite posts which are damaged or failing prior to end of the fence practice lifespan of 20 years.

A link to the Wisconsin FOTG is located on the Wisconsin NRCS web site at:

State Conservationist

PDF of memo:

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