NRCS FOTG Update: Notice WI-68



The following revisions to the Wisconsin FOTG have been posted on the Wisconsin e-FOTG website:

Section IV

  • Index
  • Standard 350, Sediment Basin
  • Standard 383, Fuel Break (new standard)
  • Standard 561, Heavy Use Area Protection
  • Standard 632, Waste Separation Facility (new name)
  • Standard Construction Specification 634, Waste Transfer Pipe

Explanation of Changes/Revisions:

  • Standard 350-The revised standard uses the National format and section headings. The standard no longer contains the purpose for manure laden runoff. This criterion is now in Standard 632.
  • Standard 383-This is a new national standard adopted for use in Wisconsin.
  • Standard 561-The term “regional water table” was removed and “perched water” revised to be consistent with other waste management standards. The separation distance for concrete surfacing was revised to be consistent with the criterion in Standard 632.
  • Standard 632-This standard was previously named Solid/Liquid Separation Facility.The revised standard uses the National format and section headings. The criterion for livestock basins from WI Standard 350 has been added to the standard.
  • Construction Specification 634-The ASTM Standard F 667 for HDPE pipe was not correct and was removed from Table 1, Pipe Specifications.

A link to the Wisconsin FOTG is located on the Wisconsin NRCS web site at:

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PDF of memo:

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