Draft Permeable Pavement Practice Standard Open for Comment

Thanks for the feedback.  The team will review all comments in December and aims for a final WDNR permeable pavement standard to be released in February 2014.

The Standards Oversight Council invites you to provide constructive input on Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s (WDNR) draft stormwater construction technical standard for permeable pavement. The draft standard will be open for comment from November 5th to November 27th.

This new conservation practice standard is focused on achieving water quality benefits associated with compliance with the WDNR’s stormwater quality performance goals for new development, redevelopment and existing urban development. This standard does not address structural and storm water flood control aspects of permeable pavement systems.

If you have questions regarding the content of this practice standard, please contact our team leader, Pete Wood, at Peter.Wood@wisconsin.gov or (262) 884-2360.

Instructions to comment on standards: Submit your comments organized by section of the standard by Wednesday, November 27th. We encourage you to submit comments online by using the “Comment” link located to the top left of this article or the comment section at the end of this article. Keep comments specific and directly related to the standard. Indicate the section you are referring to when commenting, for example “V.B.4.: Does this mean that…” Respond in the same order as the sections appear in the draft. If you have general comments applicable to the entire standard please note them as such.

Comments may also be submitted by email to Gini Knight at gini@wlwca.org to preserve confidentiality.

The diverse team of experts that developed this draft standard will carefully consider all comments before submitting a final draft to WDNR for publication.  All comments will receive responses from the team. At the end of your online comment you may choose to receive an email update to any “replies” to your comment, which will include a notification of when response from WDNR is posted.

If you have questions about submitting your comments, the public comment period, or our process, feel free to contact Gini Knight at gini@wlwca.org or (608) 441-2677. Thank you for your input.

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