Applications Due Friday, March 16, 2018

Notification for Assembling Storm Water and Erosion Control Technical Standard Work Team

Volunteer technical experts are needed to serve on a technical standard Work Team to create a new Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) technical standard related to storm water and erosion control. Criteria for the standard will be based on existing science, be protective of the waters of the state, and conform to existing laws and regulations.

Determining Efficiency of Proprietary Filtration Devices

The Work Team will create a new technical standard that can be used to determine the efficacy of proprietary filtration devices. This team will define the criteria that predicts the reduction in total suspended solids and other pollutants, if appropriate, that are achieved by proprietary filtration devices. This team will examine existing research, consider new technologies, propose criteria, and consider input from expert and public review.

Custodian: WDNR

Team Leader: Eric Rortvedt, WDNR

Proposed Timeline: May 2018 – June 2019

Who Should Apply

The Standards Oversight Council welcomes applications from all individuals with relevant experience, particularly in constructing, designing, maintaining, inspecting, studying, testing, or using proprietary filtration devices. Individuals offering substantial experience and a broad statewide perspective are preferred to optimize team efficacy and the quality of the final product. In particular, we seek participation from technical experts, municipalities, and consultants.

If you have expertise but are unable to participate on the team, you may submit knowledge, resources, and recommendations to the contact below. These will be provided to team members for consideration. Note that the best option to impact the standard is