Permeable Pavement



Mary Anne Lowndes, Sponsor, WDNR

Pete Wood, Team Leader, WDNR

Roger Bannerman, WDNR

Bob Givens, OMNNI Associates

Kate Gleason, WDNR

Josh Harder, Dane County LCD

Chris Homburg, Homburg Contractors, Inc.

Laura Fenley, DOT

Jason Kruger, WI Ready Mixed Concrete Association

David Liebl, UW Extension

John McCarthy, Graef USA

Tom Price, Conservation Design Forum

Michelle Reynolds, DOT

Bob Roehrig, County Materials Corporation

Scot Schwandt, WI Asphalt Pavement Association

Tim Troester, City of Madison

If you have questions regarding this standard, contact the SOC Coordinator, Gini Knight at or the Team Leader, Pete Wood at


Permeable pavement is a pavement system that allows movement of stormwater through the pavement surface and into a reservoir.

Custodian: WDNR

Goal: WDNR and SOC have convened a work team to develop a new permeable pavement technical standard with a focus on water quality benefits. This standard will be the first for Wisconsin and will address allowable infiltration rates, infiltration bed requirements, compaction mitigation, contributing source area limitations, treatment performance, groundwater protection, and maintenance requirements.This standard will address the effectiveness in removing volume and/or pollutants from stormwater runoff and how to determine that effectiveness. It will not address pavement construction. Criteria for the new standard will be based on existing science and technical experience.The DNR is currently initiating research with multiple partners to study permeable pavements systems as stormwater control measures. The research will inform the standard.

Initial Review Occurred:
3rd quarter 2013

Broad Review Occurred:
4th quarter 2013

Publication Date: February 2014

Work Team Status: After a year and a half of reviewing literature, consulting experts, drafting language, and reviewing comments, the team has completed Wisconsin’s first permeable pavement technical standard. WDNR authorities have approved and published the standard.

The final Standard 1008, Permeable Pavement and Technical Note can be found here:

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