1057 Stone Tracking Pad


Mary Anne Lowndes, Sponsor, WDNR

Amy Minser, Team Leader, WDNR

Theresa Caven, City of Brookfield

Greg Fries, City of Madison

Kim Gonzalez, WDNR

Chris Homburg, Homburg Inc.

Brent Jalonen, Calumet County LWCD

Jeff Mazanec, R.A. Smith National, Inc.



If you have questions regarding this standard, contact SOC Program Manager Jennifer Thieme at soc@wisconsinlandwater.org or the Team Leader, Amy Minser, at Amy.Minser@wisconsin.gov.


Custodian: WDNR

Goal: Revise 1057, Stone Tracking Pad & Tire Washing. This revision team will update criteria based on current construction processes, best available research, and professional experience. Updates are intended to:

  1. Protect water quality by keeping soil on site.
  2. Reach better compliance with NR 151.
  3. Create practical solutions for all sites.
  4. Examine new technologies.

To achieve these, the team will consider site and construction variables such as vehicle sizes and weights, construction phases, site constraints, soil types, and ways to avoid driving in/moving sediment (e.g., stabilization). Where appropriate, a variety of options may be provided.

The team will also focus on improving operation and management criteria.

Initial Review Completed: March 2018

Broad Review Anticipated: April 2018

Publication Date: September 2018

Work Team Status: This team began meeting in August, 2017. Meetings will be held approximately monthly until the standard is completed. More details on meetings, including agendas and minutes, is available in the left sidebar.

Team Resources and Drafts: Click here (password protected)